Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Heartland Podcast Music Review Bankroll Fresh "Poppin Shit"

Bankroll Fresh was taken from us way too soon. In the video he delivers rhymes as only he could and the melody is so catchy when ever it is being heard around the city of Atlanta you can see the heads bobbing like they are waiting in the water for vibes. The simple catchy and unique rhyme is the best part of the song; Bankroll had a way of delivering his rhymes that no one else in the industry was doing. I wish this song got a remix with Fabolous or someone like YG.  

The production that is provide by Zaytoven and it is peak Zay-Tiggy, the rhymes are catchy with a few bars that you can just remember the feel even if you can't spit the line word for word. And the video is unique in an era where no one takes as much care with costumes and skits. Bankroll was a consistently unique artist. 

I give this song a rating of Dope (4 Stars)

5 Stars = Lit

4 Stars = Dope

3 Stars = Cool

2 Stars = Regular

1 Star = Trash

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